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SometimEasy Minnie Mouse Party Favor Bowles you have your own creating to do as I did this past week while preparing for my daughter’s first birthday party. Now in a magical world my kids would each be ready for bed and fast asleep at just the snap of my fingers, but that’s not the case. And since I also need my sleep the amount of time I actually get each day to do things solo is quite limited. The best resolution I have for all of this is crafting with my kids.

My 4 year-old loves cutting and the bulk of this easy craft was cutting so why not give him his own cutting to do that way we can work alongside each other enjoying each others company while still allowing me to accomplish my own craft! Works like a charm (most of the time!).

I decided to go with a Minnie Mouse theme partially because I like minnie mouse and her polka dots and partially because my daughter has two stuffed Minnie Mouse dolls that she loves to hug. I don’t go crazy with party decorations but I like to go with a color scheme and have a few decorations that draw even closer to the theme. When it comes down to it though I’m more concerned with everyone enjoying themselves, getting enough to eat and most importantly celebrating┬áthe guest of honor.

Now on to the craft itself! This super easy DIY Minnie Mouse Party Favor bowl required:

  1. a bowl I already had in my house
  2. a computer
  3. printer(with ink – truly important!)
  4. printer paper
  5. scissors
  6. tape
  7. skewer

Aside from being super easy (assuming you already have a computer and printer) this was also an extremely inexpensive decoration! I used photoshop to create my print out but you could also use Microsoft Word or any other program that will allow you to insert images and create a text box with a border.

First you need to find the image you’re going to use and insert it into your computer program of choice.

Second create a text box with a solid black border and place your text of choice inside. I placed the text box on top of the image because I wanted Minnie to appear to be standing behind the sign.

Next I printed the image/text and began slowly cutting out the text box and image. If you’re crafting this one with little helpers you’ll also want to print out extra copies for them to cut.

Once the image was completely cutout I placed a piece of tape slightly longer then the text box portion of my sheet along the edge and taped it to top inside of my bowl.

Minnie was a little floppy since I just used regular printer paper so to keep her steady I took a wooden skewer trimmed it down so that it wouldn’t show above Minnie and taped it to the back of the sheet, filled my bowl with my color schemed favors (another easy DIY) and we were all set!

Of course you could follow along with what I did here for any party theme you can think of by simply switching out the character in the image! This could work for anything Spiderman, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig, Mario, Iron Man, and the list goes on! Your kids will love anything and everything you do for them especially if they feel like they were part of the process!

Minnie Mouse Themed 1st Birthday

And if you’re little one is anything like mine they’d also be happy with just a balloon!

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