Creating your own Paint with Water Fun!

Paint with water books are a great way to be creative with kids that keeps the mess limited. But what if you don’t have any paint with water books or just can’t find the ones you’re certain are hiding in your house somewhere?Making your own Paint with Water fun! Well that’s what Thomas and I figured out just the other day when he wanted to paint and the paint with water book I’m sure I saw just the day before was no where to be found!

It was actually super easy to recreate the paint with water experience with a set of markers, coloring book, a plain sheet of paper, some water in a dish and a paint brush.

We picked the colors we wanted to paint with and drew circles about an inch in diameter on the plane sheet of paper being very generous with the ink from the marker. Next we dipped our brush in some water, swirled the wet brush around on the circle in the color of our choice and began painting in the color book of our choice!

Paint with Water in a coloring book

I placed a laminated sheet beneath the sheet with our paint colors as well as between the page we were coloring and the one below it to keep the ink/paint from getting on the table or bleeding through to the next page.




Here’s the video of Thomas and I sharing our paint with water fun live!

If DIY isn’t for you or you just want to have ready to use Paint with Water fun there are so many choices out there. One of many great places to purchase them is at A.C. Moore. Remember to grab your coupons or download them from their site first! I’m sure the kids will have a blast and don’t forget to sit down and enjoy painting with your kids.

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