Shaking Up Some Ice Cream

Shaking Up Some Ice Cream!


Shaken Homemade Ice Cream

We recently came across a great post on the site Growing A Jeweled Rose and I knew I would have a blast trying this out with my little ones. It was quick, easy, creative and a science experiment all rolled into one! The best part was absolutely the end result: eating the ice cream (…out of tiny Phillies hats of course).

You can view the original recipe here on Growing A Jeweled Rose. I ended up using milk since I am due for a grocery store trip!

Into a gallon Zip-loc bag I added:

  • 1 cup of Milk
  • 1 tsp of Vanilla
  • 2 tbsp of Sugar

Into a second gallon Zip-loc bag I added:

  • Ice (enough to fill the bag about half way
  • 6 tbsp of Kosher Salt

I zipped up the bag that held the milk, vanilla and sugar and placed it inside the bag with the ice doing my best to spread the ice all around the outside of the inner bag. Next I placed the two bags inside one more gallon Zip-loc bag in an effort to safe guard against any big messes. I’m glad to say that worked! We then had a blast shaking that bag up as much as we could for just over 5 minutes and then voila we had ice cream to enjoy!

I highly recommend giving this a try. Maybe try using chocolate milk or adding some cocoa powder for chocolate ice cream. And don’t forget to add your toppings! I hope you enjoy watching us but I’d really like to hear about the fun you have doing this one yourself! This isn’t just for the kids so feel free to have fun with this after your little ones go to bed and you have a sweet tooth and no ice cream on hand.

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