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Through the Rabbit Hole

Adult coloring books are definitely an in thing right now. They are a great stress reliever and a fun relaxing pass time. Coloring was without a doubt fun for me as a child and I have to admit it never stopped being fun for me! There are so many options available right now for adult coloring books starting at about $5.00 and going up from there. You can buy books specifically with stress relieving patterns, themes such as this Harry Potter Adult Coloring Book, or even one full of curse word coloring pages (not my top choice but it might be yours and I’m not one to judge!). BUT the great thing is you don’t need to go out and buy an adult coloring book! You can download FREE Adult coloring pages from a variety of places. A simple web search will give you results with more coloring pages then you will ever need. Here are two of my favorites: – has a large selection grouped by category – while Crayola doesn’t have a very large selection of coloring pages specifically listed for adults they do have a large selection of what I’m assuming they consider to be children’s coloring pages. If you’re like me however a coloring page is a coloring page and no matter how old you are if you want to color it you will! For example here is a link to their Star Wars coloring pages and I know plenty of adults who would gladly choose to color these over the adult coloring pages and day. I printed and started coloring the “Through the Rabbit Hole” coloring page and found that I was better off coloring a page from my son’s Paw Patrol coloring book because I currently only had access to crayons and the intricacy of the adult coloring pages really calls for the use of colored pencils or fine point markers.

Crayola Crayons Zuma Paw Patrol Coloring Page

As I was coloring this picture I realized if I was going to buy my self an adult coloring book what I would really like is a color by numbers book such as “The Usborne Big Color by Numbers Book” (this one is for ages 6+ so if you’re looking for a more intricate color by numbers book an option would be this adult color by numbers book). I do enjoy coloring images in at random but as a stress relieving activity I find it much more relaxing to not have to think of what color to use next and just follow a guide of what comes next.

And it turns out I’m not the only adult in my house who’s happy to color in our son’s coloring books when we’ve finally gotten him in bed for the night!

The Hubby Coloring

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