St. Patrick’s Day Craft with Free Template

St. Patrick’s Day Craft with Three Variations And a Free Template! So if you wanted to do a St. Patrick’s Day related craft with your kids or students but hadn’t had a chance to get one together yet or maybe you forgot I have the perfect free template for you […]

St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Project with Template

The right tools

So, you’ve learn the basic stitches, you are comfortable with the needles and the yarn, and you are ready to take on bigger, longer and harder patterns, requiring things other than just needles.  Below you’ll find a guide to different knitting tools, what they are for, and links for purchasing them yourself. […]

Stand-Up Reindeer Kid Gift Bag Topper

Hi all! I’m going to keep this short, sweet and to the point. I made this Reindeer Gift Bag Topper to use for the class treat bags for Thomas’ school Christmas party and wanted to share the file with you! So here it is: Reindeer Gift Bag Topper Download I also […]

Stand-Up Reindeer Gift Bag Topper

Low FODMAP – Halloween Party Mix

Halloween is just a few days away and there are parties and festivities galore.  The frustrating thing about them is to not be able to take part in so many of the goodies people have to offer. This year I tested out some peanut butter and pumpkin spice flavored party […]

Low FODMAP Brandon’s Chocolate Cake 6

My friend Brandon defended his dissertation this week. He had to fly back to PA from Korea to do it, and, defending your dissertation is kind of a REALLY big deal, so I knew I needed to make something super special for him.  I used to doctor up basic brownie […]

Low FODMAP Italian Chicken Quinoa

When eating on a low FODMAP diet one of the types of restaurants that just seem impossible to navigate are the Italian restaurants. So much gluten, onion and garlic! The flavors are wonderful, but, make me super ill.  So I have to make my own, without the gluten, onion and […]